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Western Stoneware History

In 1906, five Illinois potteries, one Missouri pottery and one Iowa pottery were purchased and became Western Stoneware. Western Stoneware then had 7 plants which were: Macomb Pottery Co. & Macomb Stoneware (began in 1880, plant 4 & 3), Monmouth Pottery Company (began in 1892, plant 1), Weir Pottery (1899, plant 2), White Hall Pottery,

Clinton Stoneware Co. of Clinton, Missouri (1898, plant 6) and Fort Dodge Stoneware of Fort Dodge, Iowa (1859, plant 7 : Known by various names).


Though the buildings of plants were sold or destroyed by fire, to date these potteries were never sold off and remain owned by Western Stoneware since their merger in 1906.

Plants 1 is still around today.  Plant 2 is now owned by a dog food company and Plant 1 is owned by the City of Monmouth and used for the city's water tower.

All plants produced various lines & are the sole intellectual property of the company which still includes their names, items, & various logos.

The company has had several set backs, but has always had a standing order and never has stopped production for very long.

Fires occurred in 1907,​ 1941, 1961, & 1994. Plants burned down in 1907, 1941 & 1994.       A disgruntled salesperson threatened to burn down WS in 1964, but no fire occurred.

Plant 2 in 1963 was hit by a tornado.

And today we have a warehouse near plant one and utilize the WIU Ceramics Studio for small scale art production.

Western Stoneware Company has operated under various names and logos ALL which are subject to the current owner's discretion for use.*

*Permission ​must be obtain​ed in writing for use of any WS names, photos (on this site), or logos which are owned by the current owner. Be prepared to explain your project idea and what yo​ur project is about. Political projects will NOT be granted licensing. A licensing fee may be required.*****



1906 - 1960

1906-1956    Widely owned private Co. with shareholders all over Illinois

1956-1960    Owned by various groups involving James Bolan

1960 - 1973

1960-1967     Publicly held co. known as Great Lakes Industries later controlled by JB Fuqua

1967-1973     A local group headed by Gene Wade and Bob Howard

1974 - 2014         

2006-2014     WS owned by 3 locals 

1974-1985      Owned by  members of the Thrall family

1985-2006     Owned by Sassafras


2014-     David Wade,  current owner

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